Cooking power by KMA

Cooking power by KMA
– new German blade –

Friday, August 17, 2018 at 9:00 p.m


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Music can also be bad, thought young women and young men from Duisburg, Cologne and Bonn at the end of 2014. Lana Giese (singer, technical journalism student and presenter at Tattoo Conventions), Andreas Klees (guitar, songwriter, producer), Beray Habip (drums, producer) and David Trapp (bass, synths, producer) to the group. "Everything must, nothing can!” is the post-ironic motto right from the start, and so the band name takes no prisoners.

Kochkraft Durch KMA see themselves as a witty, witty Dada formation in the self-created genre tradition of the "New German Kelle". Quote from band circles: "As well as Neue Deutsche Welle, only in even more uncool, but!“ Here not only fox and magpie say, but also We are Heroes, Knorkator and Jennifer Rostock Good night.

Between creaking synth cut-up, more rockistic Decollage and a stylized comedy act, the four chefs in baby costumes and with plastic chickens in their armpits process the food until the broth has really spoiled. But they wouldn't be young German post-NDW-Rock'n'Roller if one had between sloganed lines like "Sniffle nose, booger bag, pliers, bone bucket“Supposedly not somehow hiding something political. In the press release it says: "The political point of view is hidden behind absurdities and Dada - also to pacify one's own humor - but has a stronger effect once the listener has bitten through to the essence of the band.

In the course of 2015, the chefs will not only tour all corners of the republic, the formation will even release two EPs. "Full Pulle!" in May is followed by "Even More Hits!" ! 11!” in November. In the fall of 2016, Kochkraft Durch KMA declared themselves the “Kommando Pappenheymer” at the indie Kick The Flame. Song titles à la “Our next song will definitely be a hit” once again testify to the coquettish shallowness of the self-confessed “lunatic”.

We can only wish you bon appetit. And also: good night.