Culture Pass 2024

To all those who turn 18 this year or turned 18 last year:

Some time ago, the news came through: The culture pass is going into the second round! This means for all Pellenzers born in 2006 (or in 2005 and still have credit left from last year): 

From this year onwards you can stay up later and – much more importantly: here you can get your ticket for the 2024 Pellenzer via the culture pass. This means: the federal government is giving you free entry.

How are you? Very simple: you get a code for the culture pass, which you can get from our partner TicketRegional You can redeem it like this: 

1. Selection of the appropriate value code: Click on [All offers] and select the amount of your value code in the first step.

Pro tip: our entry is 25 euros, that would be the value code over 50 euros. 

This amount then corresponds to the credit of your value code, which you will receive from us.

Important: the machine changes 😉 The “change” will be credited back to your Kulturpass account and can be used for other bookings and events! 

2. You then confirm your reservation by clicking on the [Reserve] button and your value code will appear in the Kulturpass app in your personal area.

It may take a few minutes until you receive and see your value code in the Culture Pass app.

3. You will receive the code together with a booking link to the Ticket Regional ticket shop

Here you can select your Pellenzer ticket, which you then pay for by entering the code. 

4. Then all you have to do is enter your details and complete the purchase.

TicketRegional will then send you your ticket (online or by post, depending on the shipping method you have selected). 

5. Head to Pellenzer and have a great weekend! 

Sounds complicated? It's not, just get there! We look forward to seeing you and to a weekend of skinning! 🙂

What is the culture pass? 

The culture pass is an offer from the federal government that was introduced in 2023. Everyone who turned 18 this year was credited with a credit of 200 euros, which they could use to visit cultural events and institutions, such as museums, concerts, festivals, etc. 

Also in 2024, everyone who comes of age this year will receive a credit of 100 euros, which can be used for these same offers. 

The credit is available for two years, so those who received the Culture Pass last year still have the opportunity to use it this year; those born in 2006 have until the end of 2025. 

To use the credit, all you have to do is download the app. Further information is available here: